Friday, October 23, 2009

First Post ....

Well I finally gave into another one of the wonders of the internet and decided it was time to start my own blog, since it seems like I follow many, I thought, why not create one myself? I've been contemplating this for awhile because seriously, what is so fabulous and exciting about my life that I want to post?

I have a few girl friends who are pretty religious bloggers, however, they have many stories, insights, pictures, etc. to share because they all are mommies and have kids, husbands, and many trials and tribulations of keeping a household together. After keeping up with their blogs (I get tired just reading what a day in their life is like) I thought, "what is so exciting about my life that I should post?"

So here I am contemplating what I am creating this blog for ... mainly I want it as a place to write down my thoughts, share new ideas, new exercise routines (exercise is an EXTREMELY important part of my life), new recipes, I've started trying to teach myself to cook healthy meals or cook in general really :) or just a place to vent about life really.

So here it is ... my first post!

Enjoy :)