Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Corvallis Fun!

A couple weeks ago, Halloween day to be exact, I had the opportunity to spend some time with some of my close friends from college. My good friend Jane, her husband, and their little one Liam made the trip up from San Diego to spend some time up here in Oregon. We made plans to go down to our old college stomping grounds in Corvallis and catch an OSU football game. There we met up with our other dear friend Anne and her husband. With it being Halloween, how perfect would it be that Jane dress little Liam up as a Beaver? (Oregon State's mascot nonetheless). WOW! Was he the hit of the football game or what! I've never seen so.many.people. ooohhing and awwwing over a costume! It was great! The weather was PERFECT and truly made me miss Corvallis in the Fall ... best of all we won the game! :) Here are some pictures of the great day!! Enjoy!
Liam was a HIT!

Corvallis in the Fall ... SO beautiful!

My dear friend Jane and I

Dad, Linda, and I during half-time

Anne, Jane, and I .... I miss these ladies!