Monday, November 30, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday - Holiday Survey Time!

Welcome again to another Friend Makin' Monday. This week Amber's posted a survey...and oh how I love those! ;)

1. Favorite website: I'd have to say Facebook ... as sad a that sounds! Or ... my guilty pleasure of shopping!
2. Favorite color: I really love purple and silver ... but my favorite color to wear is black!
3. Facebook? {Post a link or share your name if you want some new Facebook friends!} Of course, sadly, I'd be lost without it, (well probably not but I'd like to think so) :)
4. Favorite Christmas song? Faith Hill - Where are You Christmas ... beautiful song!
5. Christmas tree: Real or fake? Well I've grown up with a fake tree every.single.year. BUT ... this year in my OWN house I will have my very OWN REAL tree! :) (Can you sense the excitement?)
6. Hottest celebrity? Hmm ... I'd have to say Channing Tatum ... but Vince Vaughn is hot in a dorky/funny sorta way ;)
7. Favorite restaurant? Hmmm ... soo many to choose! I love PF Changs, Red Robin, or anything Mexican!
8. Favorite magazine? Shape or People
9. Favorite thing to drink around the holidays? Egg Nog Lattes or Peppermint Mochas ... hands down!
10. Favorite Christmas movie. Four Christmases is pretty stinkin' cute, & Home Alone ... but I love them all! Especially the ones on ABC Family :)


BSS said...

I love purple too!

Xazmin said...

Welcome to blogging!

I'm with ya on Channing Tatum...that boy is fine!

I think I'll stick around and see what happens with your new home-ownership adventures!

It's great to "meet" you!

Angela said...

Thank you! It's great to "meet" you as well!!! :)