Thursday, December 3, 2009

In Great Oregon Tradition ....

If anyone lives in Oregon or follows football whatsoever, you then know how big of a day today is. A lot rides on the Civil War game ... the Ducks win they go to the Rose Bowl. The Beavers win they go to the Rose Bowl. This day is especially exciting for me as I cheer on my alma mater .....


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One more item to check off the house list!

Landscaping in December ... who would've thought?!

Well today is the day! My landscaping is finally getting installed in the backyard. No more dirt, rocks, and a mud mess. Preparing last night was another story ... I waited to "prepare" the backyard until the last minute. So at 7PM last night I found myself back there cleaning up the rock and various debris in the freezing cold. Not so much fun. After completing that, I had to "prepare" the inside of my house ... you see, I own a townhouse and because its a middle unit I have no access to the backyard through a gate. So needless to say, I had to lay down mats and create a pathway from the front door to the backyard for the landscapers to carry the materials through the house. Thank goodness for hardwood floors! Least they won't be carrrying it through carpet ... that could get ugly!

Anyway, I'm anxious to get home and take a look at the new yard!

Stay tuned for pictures!